Cleaning of industrial buildings and technologies

Cleaning of industrial buildings and technologies. We specialize mainly in manual cleaning, prophylaxis and maintenance of computer, cleaning of data centers and LV/HV substations, solar technologies, air conditioning and basically all technological industrial systems in production halls.

Our team can draw on the experience gained in providing cleaning services for customers of the largest domestic and foreign facility management companies. Professional cleaning is performed by selected specialists who have high expertise in the field. The cleaning of energy systems (LV / HV substations or data centers) is therefore provided, for example, by workers with the appropriate professional competence in electrical engineering under the supervision of inspection technicians. We can definitely handle routine cleaning to a high standard, but we prefer orders in our focus with a focus on high expertise and quality.

In the field of industrial cleaning and maintenance, we offer:

  • data center cleaning
  • cleaning of LV and MV substations
  • maintenance of switchboards and electrical systems
  • maintenance / cleaning of solar power plants and battery storage
  • cleaning and maintenance of industrial air conditioners
  • cleaning and maintenance of lighting in industrial offices, halls and warehouses
  • cleaning of stands and equipment

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