Virtual server hosting - software as a service (SaaS)

On our own hosting platform (WM Ware + MS Terminal Services Server/Linux) we offer a cost-effective hosting of tailor-made customer solutions (in particular ERP enterprise systems) with premium application support. Our services in this area are not firmly defined, and we offer every client a contract-based optimal solution to suit its needs and personal approach to support.

Hosting of business systems (ERP - economic and accounting systems) on a secure remote virtual server or cloud allows the company employees to work in a distributed environment (e.g., home office) with the following options:

  • remote access over an encrypted RDP (remote desktop)
  • remote printing option
  • the possibility of two-way file transfer (local computer <->server)
  • option to use office systems (MS Office, etc.)

Contractually guaranteed physical, network and server security.Within the service, updates of operating systems, applications installed, and monitoring of other support backup and antivirus resources are always provided.

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